Our Vission and Mission

To be an institute of professional learning comparable to the best in the world, with special commitment to women’s education and cultural heritage of India.

The benefits of girls education to the societies are also great. Girls’ education is now recognized as a cornerstone of development. Educated mothers invest more in their children’s schooling, thus improving both families’ and societies’ development prospects. They are also likely to have fewer children. For example, in Brazil, women with a secondary education have an average of 2.5 children, whereas illiterate women have an average of 6.5 children. Having fewer children allows families to invest more in the health and education of each child, thereby raising the productivity of future generations.

Fee Table for all the Classes
Total Fees For The Year 2020-2021                                       Ph.No.01582-246608,241304
Class  Day Scholars Boarders Remarks
Exam. Fees Tution
Total Bus Charges Grand Total Total School fees Facility Charges Mess Charges Total  
LKG,UKG 1000 9000 0 10000 6000 16000 10000 2500 21000 33500  
I, II 1000 10000 0 11000 6000 17000 11000 2500 21000 34500  
III, IV,V 1500 12000 0 13500 6000 19500 13500 2500 25000 41000  
VI,VII 2000 13000 0 15000 6000 21000 15000 2500 25000 42500  
VIII 2000 13000 0 15000 5000 20000 15000 2500 25000 42500  
IX 2000 14000 0 16000 6000 22000 16000 2500 26000 44500  
X 2000 15000 0 17000 5000 22000 17000 2500 26000 45500  
XI Arts 2000 15000 1500 18500 6000 24500 18500 2500 27000 48000 Per Lab
XI Com. 2000 15000 1500 18500 6000 24500 18500 2500 27000 48000 Per Lab
XI Sci. 2000 17000 1500 20500 6000 26500 20500 2500 27000 50000 Per Lab
XII Arts 2000 17000 2500 21500 5000 26500 21500 2500 27000 51000 Per Lab
XII Com. 2000 17000 2500 21500 5000 26500 21500 2500 27000 51000 Per Lab
XII Sci. 2000 19000 3000 24000 5000 29000 24000 2500 27000 53500 Per Lab
1. First installment will be paid from 1-5 July 2020, or at the time of  admission. 7. Penalty of Rs 5/- per day will be charged after the
due date is over.
2. Second installment will be paid from 1-5 Dec.   2020. 8. Non payment of fee (more than 15 days) may result
in cancellation of admission. 100/- Will be charged 
for readmission.
4. New students of the school will pay Rs. 1000/- as
admission fee and  Rs. 1000 as school caution
money (refundable) at the time of admission.    
5. New Boarders will pay Rs. 1000 as Hostel caution
Money (refundable) at the time of admission.
9. Boarders of class X and XII will pay Rs. 300/- extra
as Bus charges if they use bus in Board exam-
6. Bus charges will be paid Rs. 500/- per month from
July, 2020 to May, 2021.

Science Labs - We are proud owners of well equipped, spacious & modern Physics, Chem. & Biology Labs Best quality instruments & chemicals are provided to every student to experiment independently.
Computer Lab - We have a well equipped lab having 50 computers with colour TFT Monitors. Internet facility is also
provided in the computer lab.
Home Science and Geography Labs - Home Science and Geography labs are also fully Operative and functional with
requisite equipments & tools.
Agriculture Lab – We have a well equipped spacious & modern Agri. Science, Agri. Chemistry, Agri.    Biology, Physics Labs best quality instruments & chemicals are provided to every student to experiment independently.


Registration for admission is made in the first week of April. Registration forms can be had from the school office from 3rd April onwards between 9 A.M to 1 P.M. on payment of 100 Registration form attached to the school prospectus is to be detached from it & must be submitted by 15th April. Registration for Primary classes is done in March/April also. Admissions will be made strictly on the basis of merit and entrance test. Mere registration does not guarantee admission. Admissions are subjects to availability of seats in a particular class & qualifying at the test given by the school.


1.         Entrance test in all classes will be held by the end of current education session in the school campus at 10.00 a.m. & the result will be declared with 2 days. The list of the students found eligible to admission will be put on the Notice Board of the school the same day.
2.         Entrance Test will be held in English, Hindi, Science and Mathematics subjects.
3.         Syllabus for admission test will be according to the last qualifying class.
4.         The duration of the test will be forty minutes for each subject and maximum marks for each subject will be 50.
5.         A student will have to obtain at least 50% marks to qualify for admission.
6.         A student seeking admission to SCIENCE and AGRICULTURE STREAM must have obtained at least 55% marks at the last qualifying examination.
7.         The candidates who has qualified entrance test will have to deposit the school fee within three days.
8.         Application forms of students who apply after April will be considered only if any seat remains unfulfilled. In that case the student will have to take the test on the date & time put up on the school Notice Board separately. It will be the responsibility of such student to keep abreast of the information put up on the Notice Board.
9.         The child should be 5 years old for admission to class I. Add one year for each higher class.
10.       Following documents and photographs are to be submitted along with the form.
(a) Attested Xerox copy of the Birth Certificate of the child issued by the concerned Municipal corporation or
Municipality or Gram Panchayat in case the student had not taken the admission anywhere earlier.
(b) Attested photocopy of the mark sheet of the class passed in case the student had already attended some school.
(c) One passport size photograph of the child.
(d) Original T.C. along with the photocopy of T.C. issued from the institution the student attended last.
11.       Fee is charged in two installments will be subject to revision on the discretion of the Management Committee.

Note: - Fee/Charges once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.


1.         Summer          :-         (1st April to 31st October)                   7.30 A.M. to 1.30 P.M.
2.         Winter             :-         (1st November to 31st March)             8.30 A.M. to 2.00 P.M.



(A)       Girls LKG to V:-

  1. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday – Sky blue check shirt with half sleeves, sky blue skirt, black hair band/ribbon, belt with two navy blue stripes with a sky blue strip in between, tie with same colour and a school badge, black leather shoes and white socks.
  2. On Wednesday and Saturday – Sky blue T-shirt & Navy Blue lower, white hair band/ribbon, white P.T. shoes and white socks.

(c)       During Winter – Shirt with full sleeves (on all days) V neck full sleeved navy blue pullover.

(B)  VI to VIII
(a)       On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – Sky blue check shirt with half sleeves, sky blue skirt, black hair band/ribbon, belt with two navy blue stripe with a sky blue strip in between, tie with same colour and a school badge, black leather shoes and white socks.
(b)       On Wednesday and Saturday - Sky blue T-shirt & Navy Blue lower, white hair band /ribbon, white P.T. shoes and white socks.
(c)       During Winter – Shirt with full sleeves (on all days) navy blue blazer with monogram on it.

(C)       IX to XII.
(a)       On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – Sky blue check kurta with half sleeves, white salwar, white duppata, black hair band/ribbon, black leather shoes and white socks.
(b)       On Wednesday and Saturday – Sky blue T-shirt & Navy Blue lower, white hair band/ribbon, white shoes and white socks.
(c)       During Winter – Navy blue blazer.


  1. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – Sky blue check shirt with half sleeves, sky blue half pant (LKG to V) full pant (VI to XII) belt with two navy blue stripes with a sky blue strip in between, tie with same colour, black leather shoes and white socks.
  2. On Wednesday and Saturdays – Sky blue T-shirt & Navy Blue lower (LKG to XII) with to navy blue stripes with a sky blue strip in between, tie with same colour, white P.T. shoes and white socks.
  3. During winter (All days of the week) – Shirt with full sleeve and full pant, V neck navy blue pullover (Prep to V) Navy blue blazer (VI to VIII).

Note – It is compulsory for the students to have school monogram on the uniform.

To inculcate a spirit of healthy competition, all the students of the school have been divided into four houses Laxmi Bai, Maitrayee Bai, Karma Bai, Meera Bai, & Azad House. Various inter house activities & competitions are organized under the supervision of House Masters/Mistress.
1.         Academic Activities:
(a)  Debate, Declamation, Recitation, Extempore Speech, General Knowledge Test, Quiz Competition, Antaksari
(In Hindi & English)
(b)  Essay writing competition (Hindi & English)

2.         Cultural Events:- Dances (Solo & Group), Drama (Hindi & English), Mono acting Fancy Dress show.
3.         Games & Sports – House-wise competitions of Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Volleyball, Handball, Hockey, Basketball, Badminton, and Chess & Other athletic events such as Hammer Throw, Javelin Throw, Discus Throw, Long-Jump, and High-Jump are organized every year.

We have made a separate arrangement for the students below 5th standard. For reading & learning It is very necessary to create interest of the students in it. All efforts have been made to provide the children with all the facilities. Educationists have observed that a child best learns by playing. So different play things have been provided to them which not only help them in learning but also create a habit of team work & co-operation in them. This also helps in developing their reasoning power as well as mental ability. Keeping in mind the child psychology we have employed a totally different staff which is fully trained in teaching the kids. They are competent, dedicated & well-versed in teaching methods.


To give a residential shape to the school Gogi Bai Girls Hostel was established in the year 1993. It has 50 spacious rooms with proper ventilation, a big Dining Hall and a Mess. The hostel is located in a clean, fresh and tidy, pollution free atmosphere. The Warden of the hostel looks after the problems of the girls as a mother does. It is guarded by a watchman round the clock. Whenever a student either enter or leaves the hostel an entry is made in the register kept with the watchman. The hostel gate is locked from inside by the watchman at 7 P.M. in the evening and opened at 5:0 A.M. in the morning. In case any girl is ill she is taken to the doctor immediately by the hostel Warden. Tutorial classes are arranged for the boarders in the evening.


  1. Only the girls studying at G.V.P. Sr. Sec. School are given admission to the hostel.
  2. Girls seeking admission to the hostel have to apply on the prescribed application form attached along with the prospectus. The applicant has to affix her passport size photograph in the space provided on the form along with two passport size photographs of the guardians who are authorized will come to see her from time to time.
  3. She will have to submit one more passport size photograph so that identity card may be prepared.

The hostel can accommodate 300 boarders. Boarders are divided into different groups according to their classes and the rooms and dormitories are allotted to them accordingly. The institution provides takhtas, fans, coolers, campers almirah, bulbs, tube lights and pitchers to the boarders.


  1. The boarders are given balanced, vegetarian and nutritious food/diet.
  2. There is a committee consisting of the hostel warden and three boarders to test and check the samples of ration, food, vegetables and milk from time to time.
  3. The boarders will not be allowed to keep any food item with them other than served in Hostel.
  4. Utensils like plate, bowl, spoon, glasses are arranged by the boarders.
  5. They will have to wash the utensils themselves.


            Facilities for playing games like Hockey, Football, Chess, Volleyball, Cricket, Table-Tennis and Carom Board etc are provided to the boarders. These entire games item will be provided to them from the school. T.V. programms are shown to the hostellers and cultural activities are organized from time to time. An educational tour to various parts of the country is organized so that the students can know the history and cultural heritage of our country.



  1. A first aid box is available with the Warden for general ailments such as stomachache, headache, fever, vomiting etc.
  2. In case of any serious sickness the boarder is taken to the hospital in the company of the hostel Warden & the parents are informed immediately of the ward's illness.
  3. The expenditure incurred on the illness will be borne by the parents/guardians.



  1. The boarders are supposed to bring their own things of daily use such as towel, mirror, hair oil, comb, soap, toothbrush, paste, school bag, slippers, needle, thread, boot-polish, brush etc.
  2. Bedding-Rug, Mattress with white cover, bed sheet, blanket, quilt, and pillow are to be brought by the girls themselves.
  3. Toiletries bucket and mug will have to be brought by the boarders.


  1. The name of the boarder is to be written/inscribed on each item.
  2. Gaudy dresses are not allowed in the hostel.
  3. Boarders have to take special care to keep their beddings and clothes neat and clean.
  4. Boarders will not be allowed to keep radios, transistors, mobile and tape-recorders in their rooms.
  5. A woman helper washes the clothes of small girls.


  1. The school emphasis's on self-discipline. The boarders residing in the hostel will have to live in strict discipline. They can't go out of the hostel without the permission of the Warden. Even after the permission is granted, the girl has to make an entry in the register kept with the watchman in whom she has to mention the time of departure, the place she is moving to, approximate duration for which she will remain out & the nature of work she is going for.
  2. They will have to return to the hostel on the given date after the holidays are over.
  3. They will not be allowed to go home except during holidays.
  4. The parents are expected to seek permission of the Warden if owing to some unavoidable reason/circumstances they want to take their ward home on days other than during holidays.
  5. In case the girl does not able to reach the hostel on the scheduled date and time due to some unavoidable reason/circumstances, the Warden should be intimated in writing or telephonically by the parents/guardians.
  6. The hostel administration will take all possible care but in case of any accident or mishap, the hostel will not be liable for any claim on this ground.
  7. All boarders, at all times, have to maintain a high standard of manners, In particular-
    1. They should show consideration for the need of others.
    2. They should take pride in their personal appearance.
    3. All teachers, administrative staff and visitors should be greeted.
    4. They must stand up at the approach of ladies and gentleman of their acquaintance and visitors and must be fully graceful while speaking to them.
    5. Boarders visiting the Principal's residence require permission from the Warden.
    6.  Separate arrangement is made for English medium & Hindi medium Boarders in Hostel.


  1. All the boarders must be out of bed or wake up immediately after the morning bell.
  2. All must wash themselves, be fully dressed and make beds before breakfast.
  3. Dormitories should be reasonably quiet at all times.
  4. There will be no talking after light are out in the night.
  5. No boarder is to enter any dormitory other than her own without permission. This must be followed strictly.
  6. Borrowing of clothes and shoes is forbidden.
  7. No boarder shall go to bed before the stated bed time without the permission of the Warden.
  8. No boarder shall tamper with or operate any electrical fitting.
  9. Separate arrangement is made for Eng. Medium & Hindi Medium Boarders in Hostel.


1.         Only two guardians whose name has been mentioned in the admission form and whose photographs have been pasted therewith will be allowed to see their ward.
2.         The guardians will be able to see their ward only on first and third Sundays of the month between 9 A.M. and 6 P.M.
3.         The parents who come to see their wards will have to make entries in the register kept with the watchman.
4.         The guardians are advised not to give any money to their wards. The money can be given to the Warden so that she can get the things brought from the market whenever the boarder feels the necessity.
5.         Telephone facility will not be provided to the inmates of the hostel. Incoming calls are allowed on the last Sunday of the month between 4 P.M. and 6 P.M. But such calls will be allowed only if the person attending the call is satisfied that the call is genuine.
6.         Important or emergency message can be given to the watchman or the Warden on other days also.

Your views and suggestions regarding the improvement of the hostel management will always be welcomed. For this you can either send a letter or see the Warden, the Principal or the director personally between 4 P.M. to 5 P.M. in the hostel office on all working days or between 9 A.M. to 11 A.M. on Sunday.